Our mission:
To increase biochar making, for stable Carbon sequestration.

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Biomass Management

Biomass Conversion

It’s our Civic Duty!

Nature works hard! It’s our goal to make sure biomass resources are utilized in the best way to assist ecological longevity.

Learn All About Biochar

Book a slot in our next bio-char workshop! We are generating a carbon workforce and are growing our team! Check out our Educational Resources and upcoming certification program.

Member Access

Choose a tier of Memberships or Carbon Collection programs so more biochar is created where it’s needed most. Access our Biomass Exchange hub, and coalition maps. Learn about CharApp to access carbon markets.

Biomass to Carbon Conversion Consulting

If you have biomass we will find the funding to help facilitate your project. Fill out our intake form to get started today!

Project Management

Our dedicated carbon professionals have 1000’s of hours converting onsite biomass to biochar, enriching and application. We have handled many use applications, in many states and micro climates. We are eager to assist and it’s our mission.

Eco Stewarding Solutions

A Coalition of specialist who understand we need a proficient workforce. Our goals are to have a CharArmy that can be dispatched at any notice.

A Carbon Consortium

  • Collaborate with fellow char practitioners.
  • Showcase your projects involving biochar
  • Experience a carbon biased economy
  • Membership Benefits

Redefining Standard Practice

  • Access portable biochar technology
  • A world of thought-provoking seminars.
  • Retrofit already existing methods
  • Placed Biased Biochar is a convenient solution
  • Enabling Shovel Ready Eco-Stewarding Jobs

“Placed biased Biochar production is a convenient solution to biomass constipation.”

Kenneth Scherer
Executive Director

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