Master Gardener Biochar Seminar

Join Master Gardeners hosting Ken Scherer Monday June 19, 2023. Learn about Biochar creation and utilization. Starts 10am at 14027 Centerville Rd, Chico

Annual BioChar

Every Year we need to continue to sequester more Carbon to offset what every year we have been generating as our Carbon footprint. Carbon footprints are receipts for volumes of Carbon Dioxide that have already been emitted into our air, and will continue to do so until systems change to reduce emissions. We also need… Continue reading Annual BioChar

Sequestering Carbon

Our Atmosphere is saturated with excess Carbon Dioxide which is two molecules of Oxygen locked in a bond with one molecule of Carbon. Vegetation grows by inhaling Carbon Dioxide and chemically divides the molecules into the source elements using Carbon for growth, while exhaling the Oxygen. In this way a tree will isolate the Carbon… Continue reading Sequestering Carbon


As we have been learning about BioChar, it’s time to coalesce the wealth of current knowledge, experience, projects, & ideas. Merging action, education, & inspiration. More people can get involved as understanding the value BioChar brings your our community’s ecosystems. I have been working to create this website and have many plans to help get… Continue reading Coalescing