February 17th – Durham, CA – Old Durham Wood

🗓️ **February 17th, 2024** is not just another day; it’s a pivotal moment for our planet! We are igniting change, literally, with **one of our largest public burn events ever!** 🌍✨

📍 **Location:** OLD DURHAM WOOD – 1156 Oroville-Chico Hwy, Durham, CA 95938, is the place where transformation happens. Imagine multiple kilns, the air filled with the promise of renewal, as we turn waste into wonder through biochar, supercharging composting operations at an industrial composter.

👥 **Calling All Volunteers & Biochar Enthusiasts!** This is your chance to be part of something monumental. We’re honored to host **two very special guests** one who will unveil opportunities for financial incentives to those committed to biochar action. 🌟

🤝 **A United Front:** The event is all about collaboration, featuring multiple nonprofits and another special guest; Ring of Fire creator @kelpie.wilson (wilsonbiochar). Together, we recognize the magnitude of our actions and the impact they have on our earth. 🌱

📣 **Spread the Word, Be the Change:** Join us in making history. Share this message, bring friends & family friendly. Let’s turn up the heat on ecological restoration and show the world what we’re made of!


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